Varrios Los Aztecas - Slang/Greetings.

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Varrios Los Aztecas - Slang/Greetings. Empty Varrios Los Aztecas - Slang/Greetings.

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Que Pasa - Whats Up
Que Onda - How Are you
Payaso - Clown
Cabron - Bastard/Fucker
Chica - Girl
Chico - Boy
Tu puta madre - Your mother's a bitch
Al Rato/Hasta Luego - Later
Callate La Boca - Shut the fuck up
Loco - Crazy
Cocaina - Cocaine
Droga(s) - Drug(s)
Hijo de puta - Motherfucker
Patron/Jefe - Boss/Leader
Muchacho - Boy/Man
Barrio - Hood
Carrera - Car Race
Mota/Yesca - Marijuana
Bola/Baro/Lana - Dollar/Coin/Money
Nada - Nothing
Chale - Hell No
Vamos - Lets Go
Bomba/Ranfla - Old School Lowrider/Lowrider
Caile - Come Here
Mayate - Word used to disrespect a black person
Gabacho - Word used to disrespect a white person
Cagua - Beer
Cuete/Fusca - Gun
Jura - Police
Leva - Coward
Litro - Lighter
No Manches - Dont Mess
Ojete - Asshole
Orale - Ok, Cool
Placa - Tattoo/Police Badge/Graffiti Tag
Q-vo - Whats Up
Rola - Song
Firme - Cool
Puta - Bitch
Rifamos - We Rule


Que Pasa, vato?
Que Onda, holmes?
Let's shoot some Vag-hoes, e'!
Varrios Por Vida!
Los Aztecas rule this town!
We going to shoot some negros or what, homito?


Puta Tu Madre, mayate!
Vatos, we have a gabacho here, ha-ha!
Hijo De Puta, Los Aztecas for life!
No manches with Varrios!
You stupida payaso droga addict!
Putas, we rule this town!
All credits goes to Jizzy


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