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Leadership Application Rules Empty Leadership Application Rules

Post  Sharkie on Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:16 pm

1. You need 10 possitive votes (+).
IMPORTANT: All the players can vote.

2. Leader needs to be Active,if he's not,the application will be denied!
Note: If the leader gonna be inactive,he must select a good person who can lead the faction,if not,players can apply to lead the faction.

3.Player can Lead an active faction with a inactive leader, you can apply to lead it,only when the leader will be inactive for a long time

4. If the leader return back when a player applied to lead his faction,he can make a poll,where the official members can decide for the leadership

5. You have to wait at max 4 weeks until you leave your leader rights,if you leave in the first days,you will take a ban and you wont apply to lead for a faction for at least one month

6. You CANNOT lead a faction on your alt account.

You need to fill the OOC with the rules question,if you accept them of course,with the following sentence : *I accept the ESBL leader rules*

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