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Was founded by Frank Tenpenny and his partner Eddie Pulaski, who claimed that the unit's goal is to clean the State of San Andreas from crime. In reality, the whole unit was corupted and made business with street gangs such as the Ballas. Due to the corruption of the unit, a member, Ralph Pendelbury' threatened to expose the actions of CRASH, only to be executed by the newest member, Jimmy Hernandez, who was forced to kill him by Tenpenny.

1992, the unit came in touch with Big Smoke and Ryder, two high-ranking members of the Grove Street Families. Tenpenny managed to have them join to his cause, and set the death of Sweet Johnson, the leader of the Families, by drive-by shooting him, but accidentally killed Beverly Johnson, Sweet's mother.
Events of GTA San Andreas
Involvement in Carl Johnson's life

Carl Johnson, Sweet's brother, returned in 1992 to Los Santos, after Beverly's death. He was soon arrested by Tenpenny and his men, who threw him into Ballas territory.

Tenpenny and his unit continued to involve themselves in Carl's life, using a fake evidence linking him to Ralph's death so in order to force him working for them. Tenpenny had Carl to do some missions for him including killing people who are against the CRASH unit.
Rise for power

With Big Smoke ruling the drug business in Los Santos, as well Ryder making business with the Loco Syndicate in San Fierro, Tenpenny's power was expanded beyond its regular limits.

[C]-Rank List 2q8tyqh


Division Leader

[LSPD]Dog[C]- Jimmy Hernandez

[C]-Rank List Ibcnll

Right Hand

None - Eddie Pulaski

[C]-Rank List 2v2fo5u

Left Hand

[C]-Rank List N2d4dt

None - Frank Tenpenny


Top C.R.A.S.H Officer

C.R.A.S.H Officer



[C]-Rank List Wwfeo5


1. Listen to the higher Ranks and do what they say.
They know the streets and they know what to do.

2. We have much power but never forget that the gangs don't play games.
So don't be dumb! Never go to a ghetto hood without your partners.

3. We cooperate with the L.S.P.D but don't forget that we have our own division.
Don't tell them our plans and don't tell them what we exactly do.

4. Use your head! You can abuse your power sometimes to get a better result but
do it professionally! Be carefully because eyes are everywhere.

5. Never snitch! You have to learn to close your eyes sometimes
because sometimes you will see what you won't like.
The streets are cold and you have to be cold too to control the streets.
A C.R.A.S.H Officer wrote a letter about
"the brutal C.R.A.S.H methods" to the L.S.P.D .
2 days later he was found,usage of Pulaski/Hernandez/Tenpenny skin without permission/RPing them will result automactily kick.

Credits goes to:I think to Black or to Dopeman.

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