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Angels Of Death - Information

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Angels Of Death Story

The Angels Of Death are an outlaw Motorcycle Club located around whole U.S.A, they normally hang out in different spots also known as their clubhouses, known as the acronym "A.O.D" the Motorcycle club started in San Andreas in the middle of the 1940's by a couple of individuals trying to deserve a society, one of the first Presidents of the whole Group was Lester Arnold, he was born in San Fierro, being helpful, a guy named Joseph Johnson was known as Lester's right hand, after little violent smuggs The Angels Of Death expanded themselves around the Country, many years passed and another group of Bikers has grew in Liberty City creating a bloody rivalry against A.O.D, named "The Lost MC" the group of Bikers simply smashed the Angels Of Death out of the country, the gang was technically vanished, but Lester wasn't dead yet. Many years passed again, and the rest of A.O.D divided themselves to different parts of San Andreas and Liberty City, expanding their power soon as they could, today you would see many groups of Bikers passing through the highways, smuggling, making Drug Truces and hanging out outside or inside their clubhouses, the main errand has sent, A.O.D didn't die yet, however Joseph and Lester formed a society around Los Santos bringing back the old moments, A.O.D outfit is based in many Hardcore Rock Bands, wearing Dark Jeans, using Dark objects, Boots and a Black Vest Drawn "Angels Of Death MC", their faith ain't trusted in Jesus Christ, but in the Darkness, Satan, that's a incredible feature, many members used to be unpleasants and racists against the Religions and Black Race, forming a capitalist society wrapped themselves, usually they're accostumed to ignore compliments and issues, trying to receive a proper treatment from the society, meaning that respect is the main point to earn on their sights.

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