[GD] Gun Dealers - How to join?

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[GD] Gun Dealers - How to join? Empty [GD] Gun Dealers - How to join?

Post  Shaq on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:41 am

To get into the faction, you have to work your way into becoming one of us. All recruitment is done strictly IC'ly which means that you do not /pm or as anyone OOC'ly to join or gain a job, you will need to find one of the official gun dealers and RP with them. Eventually you will meet with the boss and from then on, he will give you a couple of tasks that you must complete to gain his respect and have more of a chance to get into the faction. However, if you do not complete these tasks upto the standards then the boss will not bother to take you under consideration, he will simply ignore you and then you will have less chance of getting into the faction. To join, you simply have tp pick the hoodrat skin (Whenever it gets scripted) and then try to RP with any of the dealers/members IC'ly.

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