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[SBF] Seville Boulevard Families - Rules/How to join. Empty [SBF] Seville Boulevard Families - Rules/How to join.

Post  .:.† Maka †.:. on Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:25 pm

How To Join.

So, the first thing you need to do is take the SBF skin and try to find us out ICly, then start to role-play with us as best as you can as a outsider, it is recommended that you RP as a teenager then you introduce yourself to us, begin to know a little more about us, put in work for the gang and stuff like that.
Now that we know you and you know us, you got RP your way inside the faction, from chill with us around our hood(Seville and Willowfield) to fight enemy gang members, with fists or guns. You must have patience and loyalty, and activity of course, since we don't accept huge gang hoppers that when got ragged leave the gang without any proper reason, also we don't accept people that keep asking when he gonna get ragged or how much time it'll take for him get ragged, this will just low your chances a lot, because the leader will decide when he gonna make you a official gang member depending on your RP skills and style

IC Rules.

Snitches Get stiches, for being punkass bitches.
If you join the set, its blood in, blood out, you leave, you die.
Never bring the police to the hood, this just show your disrespect to the set.
Never disrespect nobody from your gang, especially High ranking homies. , if you do, you will be punished.
Always do what the high ranked members say you to do, they’ve been around alot longer than you and know whats poppin.
Love your hood like you love your homies, don't let anyone destroy it!
Don’t attack neither get out from your hood without the Kingpin knowning..
Never be a foo, always be loyal and support your homies at all situations!

OOC Rules.

Follow all server rules and gang rules as well > http://esbl-rpg.forumotion.com/t3-server-forum-rules
When you join [SBF], you accept the CK (Character Kill) of your character, if you leaving/getting kicked from the gang.
Never ask when you gonna get ragged/promoted through PMs, you will be made to wait longer.
At the same time you put off the [SBF] tag, don’t put it on again, respect it.
Don't always just drive around all the time, stay at hood and RP with you're homies, unless no one is online chill with our allies.
Activity is KEY, the more active you are the more respect you will gain IC.
Never insult or disrespect anybody from this community.
During a Role-Play situation, use less /l and more /me's and /do's. use /PM if you have to speak with sumone OOCly.
.:.† Maka †.:.
.:.† Maka †.:.

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