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Temple Drive Families - Rules Empty Temple Drive Families - Rules

Post  Lil'Devil on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:06 am

Temple Drive Families

Temple Drive Families - Rules Ruleszz

.::In Character::.
- Neva Snitch your homies
- Always been on the hood, dont leave the hood with Leaders permission
- You enter in TDF' fo life nigguh, you leave you die !
- Respect your homies fool
- Always listen da leader he know about da street
- Love yo' hood like' yo momma

.::Out Of Character::.
- Respect All server Rules
- Don't PG/RK/MG/TK of course
- If you Enter in TDF you accept the CK.
- Try to not /q'ing before tell us in /l
- Dont Insult in OOC
- Dont DM all the times, Chill in the hood with beer and Cigar
- Respect high member's decision

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