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Post  Tyga™ on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:45 pm

The Gun Dealers

The organization was started by a rich OG called 'Jay Williams' also known as '[GD]Tyga'. He was bought up in jamaica but moved to LS when he was the age of 15, he started off gang banging in different gangs across Los Santos but got tired of it so he began the 'Dealing Game'. He know owns the Gun Dealers organization and they are gradually purchasing stock from unknown locations across the world.

Jay is currently a top business man in the city of Los Santos and is also recruiting members to join his Gun Dealer crew but first they have to be worthy of the position. The co-boss 'Lance Kingston' also known as '[GD]Keef' made a very good friendship with Jay so he got recruited as the co-boss for the organization

Currently the LSPD and FBI are recruiting members also, but at this moment in time, the Gun Dealers are paying no attention towards the LSPD or FBI because they've got no officers protecting the city YET.

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