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Post  Tyga™ on Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:31 am

In Character rules
1. Always listen to any higher ranked members and of course, the boss.
2. Do not start any fights with another faction, unless you've got the permission from your boss.
3. If you drive around the block, and you see your homie getting pulled over and/or routine checked, do not get out of the car and shoot at the cops in an attempt to try and save him, however, if he sends you and SMS saying 'ey yo, shoot this pig, he tryna arrest me' then it is up to you to chose what you will do in that certain situation.
4. Always listen to the bosses final words, and if you or any of the members decides to ignore and compete against the boss then YOUR FIRED.

Out Of Character rules

1. The only weapon your meant to sell to all unofficial members is a colt, no other weapon and if i find out then you may be kicked from the faction.
2. We do not tolerate any OOC arguments between two members of the faction, if this happens then both of the people will be kicked or the guilty one will be kicked.
3. If you are a worker for the faction (No [GD] Tag) you will only be able to use a colt and armour for your protection.
4. Always listen to what an admin tells you to, no matter what the situation is.
5. Do not start un-necessary arguments/fights with the [LSPD] nor the [FBI].
6. Do not try to provoke the [LSPD] & [FBI], by speeding past them, just because you want a chase,w ill result in punishment.
7. We do not tolerate multi accounters in the faction, if you're caught doing so, you will be automatically kicked from the faction.
8. Always show OOC respect to other players, play by the rules, and try not to get involved in alot of stuff.
9. If you're lost, and don't know what you should do, check /admins and /miniadmins and ask one of them anything you want to know about the server/factions, it doesn't hurt.
10. Always listen to the bosses final words, and if any rebellion scum tries to make their own rules, you will face a kick from the faction.
11. Also don't do unrealistic things, such as if you're in a chase with the police, and your car is damaged, do not go into the Pay 'N spray while they are still right behind you, it will only cause problems for the faction.

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