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The Jefe's word is the gangs.
Don't start shit with other crews that we good with.
Snitches burn.
No doing or selling drugs.
Always respect the higher ranking vato.
Watch your ese's back at all time.
Never leave a vato behind.
Don't start problems with the 5-0.
Don't wonder too far out of the barrio.
No raping or killing women.
No raping or killing kids.
Homosexuals aren't welcome.
Keep your guns away until you need too use them.
Never fully trust anyone except your Jefe.

Obey the server rule - Rulebreaking will lead too a demotion or a possible kick.
Don't /l during roleplay - Only if it's really needed otherwise you /pm.
Respect all admins and helpers - No disrespecting them.
Make sure too keep active and roleplay with us.
If you're going inactive, PM on the forums.
You got a problem with another gang, talk too me first.


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