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Verona Beach Crips - Rules. Empty Verona Beach Crips - Rules.

Post  Cripping on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:38 am

IC rules:
1.Never leave your homie behind.
2.Always protect the hood.
3.If you got problem with netural/allies come to us and tell us what's the problem.
4.Always have a bat or something with you you never know when will enemys show up.
5.Always listen towards the higher ranks.
6.Don't disrespect your homies.
7.When going in drive-by make sure more homies are with you.

OOC rules:
1.Always respect server/forum rules.
2.Hacking is not allowed.
3.Rulebreaking will result a warn if you get 3 warns you'll get kicked.
4.Respect admins/helpers.
5.Less /l more IC chat and RP.


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