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Post  Chuko on Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:30 pm

Server Rules

.:Death-Matching[DM]:. - Killing players for no reason, exemple: I get out of my vehicle and I start to shoot people for no reason
(x3 Warns, 2x Kicks, Permanent Ban)

.:Meta-Gaming[MG]:. - Using OOC chat knowledge IC, exemple: I don't know your Character name IC(In Character) but I can see your username and I keep saying that.
(x3 Warns, 1 Kick)

.:Power-Gaming[PG]:. - Demonstrating unrealistic things that flee out of the proper Role-Play, exemple: I'm RPing with someone, then anybody appears behind the wall and shoot me many times, he told me to /crack, but I immediately pull out a gun and start to shoot him.
(x3 Warns, 2x Kicks)

.:Multi-Accounting[MA]:. - Having more than one account.
(Permanent Ban)

.:Revenge-Kill[RK]:. - Killing someone after he killed you, exemple: You killed me in a robbery, then I immediately go back to the place that you killed me and I start to beat/shoot you.
(x2 Warns, x2 Kicks)

.:Spawn-Kill[SK]:. - Killing someone if he just spawned, exemple: I'm at idlewood, then a gang member join In-Game and I start to shoot him immediately.
(x3 Warns, x2 Kicks)

.:Driver Drive-by[DDB]:. - Shooting players while driving a vehicle.
(x2 Warns, x3 Kicks)

.:Hackers:. - If you want to play ESBL, please, do NOT use any kind of hacks or you'll be banned immediately!

.:Twenty Minutes:. - If you attacked a faction recently, You must wait at least 20 minutes before attacking the faction again.
(x2 Warns, x2 Kicks)

.:Robbery:. - If you got 5000$ of score, you should give at least 250$ in a robbery, if you got more than 10000$ you should give between 250$-600$.

Forum Rules

1).: - Do NOT spam in the topics or you will be punished by abusing - :.

2).: - Do NOT show racism or any prejudice against the users, be nice - :.

3).: - Do NOT post in a Ban Appeal, unless you are allowed to post - :.

4).: - Think carefully before make useless topics, make topics that you will use them properly - :.

5).: - You're allowed to have at least ONE forum account as well, so don't make another one - :.

6).: - Do NOT post any adult material here, or you will be highly punished by a Moderator - :.

7) .: - The proper language allowed in the server/forum is ONLY english, so if you want to talk with someone using other language, feel free by /pm - :.

8 ).: - "Unofficial Factions" topic will be opened by a lengthy period, after the thread get enough of posts, it'll be locked by some weeks, so do NOT ask by /pm to open it again - :.

9).: - "Report a player" topic won't be a chat box, so ONLY Moderators will post and decide the evidences - :.

10).: - Faction Leader can lock his topics if he want to, so feel free to /pm me when you have decided, do NOT abuse - :.

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