[VB] Vinewood Bloods - Rules

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[VB] Vinewood Bloods - Rules

Post  Zayke on Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:51 am

IC Rules:
1. Respect Your Bloods nigga, especially yo top Blood'.

2. Don't start a Beef with our Allies, we ain't like em' Mothaphukking Cripz and Ballaasses.

3. Bloods Always comes First Before Everything, don't you forget that homie.

4. Don't be no snitch Nigga, snitches get Thrown from the top of the hill.

5. Don't talk to them pigs, unless your top Homie is with you.

6. Never leave a Blood' behind.

7. Don't ever' deal drugs in the' hood homeboy, shit can turn our hood into a crack fest area... look at them Bitch ass Cripz n' ballesses.

8. You got a problem with another' Blood, you let me know.

9. Rep' yourself 24-7, 365 nigga, don't forget to let others know that you a REAL Blood Deal.

10. When shit happens, if you in some deep shit, let EVERY Blood know, including the Allies, that way they know what's Up.

11. You snitch, you DIE!!!

12. Bloods on da' Top, ALWAYS!

OOC Rules:
1. Follow ALL the forums & IG rules, make sure you read them.

2. No DM at all.

3. No RK.

4. No OOC insults.

5. RP At All Times, unless there is an event in progress.

6. When I'm RPing with and or talking to other people IC, Don't PM me with small things, Only PM me if it's something Serious.

7. When RPing, DO NOT aim your gun for no reason, like at someone, or in the air, or at Whatever if you Do not have a RP reason, nor run around like an ant for no damn reason, and also Don't Fuck around while RPing.

8. Obviously no Hack allowed.

9. NO multi accounts.

10. NO double posting.

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